Premium Fuel from Renewable Resources

What is Renewable Diesel?

Renewable Diesel is nearly identical to petroleum diesel and is a direct replacement with no requirement for blending with petroleum diesel. Additionally, HOBO Renewable Diesel, as compared to petroleum diesel, reduces CO2 emissions by 75%, and reduces sulfur emissions by 85% thereby reducing acid rain production. HOBO Renewable Diesel also reduces NOx emission, another greenhouse gas similar to CO2. Renewable Diesel meets the requirements of the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard (“RFS”) set forth as part of the Clean Air Act and also meets the California Air Resource Board’s (“CARB”) Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”).

Benefits of Renewable Diesel

100% Renewable Sources

Renewable Diesel is diesel fuel that is made from 100% renewable sources (vegetable oils and fats) that undergo chemical processing.

Safe for Engines

As a 100% hydrocarbon fuel, Renewable Diesel has chemically superior qualities to petroleum-based diesel and can be used in vehicles without modification to the engine or its fuel system.

Higher Cetane

Higher cetane allows for easier starting, more complete combustion of the fuel, and a smoother running engine while reducing the emissions mentioned above.

Who is HOBO Renewable Diesel?

HOBO is being led by an experienced group of energy infrastructure project developers with experience across trading, development, commercialization, operations, and financing of energy projects.

Where did the name HOBO come from?

Perhaps an explanation as to where the HOBO Renewable Diesel name came from would be helpful. HOBO refers to the Heating Oil to Bean Oil spread which in part reflects the margin for converting waste feedstocks into renew able diesel for renewable fuel producers.

HOBO Project #1

HOBO Project #1 is a 9,300 Barrel a day (120 million gallons annually) production facility located in the heart of the agricultural center of the country. It’s location advantage, close to both feedstock supplies and end use markets, provides customers improved economics versus alternatives. The project’s scale also improves economics while utilizing technologies already proven this size.
Hobo Energy - Project

HOBO Project #2

HOBO Project #2 continues the location advantaged themes of Project #1 as well as the scale efficiencies. It also leverages the production enhancements made in the design of Project #1 to lower the Carbon Intensity of the finished product.
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