Premium Fuel made from 100% renewable sources to help individuals & businesses reduce their carbon footprint

What is HOBO renewable diesel?

HOBO Renewable Diesel is an environmentally friendly fuel made from 100% renewable resources (animal fats and vegetable oils) that has lower emissions and is cleaner burning. HOBO Renewable Diesel has up to 85% less sulfur than conventional diesel while retaining all the performance, stability, and cold flow advantages of traditional petroleum-based fuels with none of the negative environmental disadvantages. HOBO Renewable Diesel is a 100% drop in replacement fuel requiring no modifications to the existing fuel distribution infrastructure or a vehicle’s fuel system. It can be mixed with petroleum diesel in a pipeline or storage tank significantly lessening the logistical cost of handling and dispensing. HOBO Renewable Diesel converts largely unusable waste streams as a feedstock and turns them into valuable fuel to power the American economy.

Biodiesel vs Renewable Diesel

Biodiesel Renewable Diesel
Biodiesel is a mono-alkyl ester produced via transesterification. It meets biodiesel specification, ASTM D6751, and is approved for blending with petroleum diesel. Renewable Diesel is produced through various processes including hydrotreating, gasification, and pyrolysis. It meets petroleum diesel specification, ASTM D975, and requires no further blending.
Blended up to 20% with traditional ULSD, limited to 10% in California (NOx) Blended in any ratio up to a standalone fuel in all diesel engines
Cloud point of 32 to 50 F and limited cold flow properties. Near zero sulfur content and very low aromatics which reduce emissions including SOx, NOx and particulate matter (PM).

HOBO Process

HOBO Renewable Diesel produces its fuel by employing a licensed propriety process which utilizes a combination of heat, hydrogen and catalyst to convert the chemical composition of its feedstocks into renewable diesel for use in the transportation industry. The resulting product meets and, in many ways, surpasses current Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ASTM D-975) specifications. The technology provider is Halder Topsoe and the specific technology being licensed is trademarked as “Hydroflex”. To learn more about Halder Topsoe’s “Hydroflex” technology click here.

Why do I need HOBO Energy?

100% Renewable Sources

Renewable Diesel is diesel fuel that is made from 100% renewable sources (vegetable oils and fats) that undergo chemical processing.

Safe for Engines

As a 100% hydrocarbon fuel, Renewable Diesel is chemically similar to petroleum-based diesel and can be used in vehicles without modification to the engine or its fuel system.

Higher Cetane

Higher cetane allows for easier starting, more complete combustion of the fuel, and a smoother running engine while reducing the emissions mentioned above.