HOBO will produce environmentally friendly fuels with low carbon intensity values.

HOBO Project #1

  • Location Advantage: HOBO Renewable Diesel’s initial project is a 9,300 Barrel a day (120 million gallons annually) production facility located in the heart of the agricultural center of the country that will produce both renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Our location makes our proximity to feedstock supply (and associated transportation costs) an economic advantage when compared to most of our competitors. Additionally, we will have competitively priced electricity, natural gas, and labor, all contributing to the production of cost competitive renewable fuels well into the future.
  • Project Timeline: HOBO Renewable Diesel expects to be in full production serving the market and its customers by Q2 2027.

HOBO Project #2

  • HOBO Project #2 continues the location advantaged themes of Project #1 as well as scale efficiencies. It will utilize the same production enhancements made in the design of Project #1 to produce low Carbon Intensity renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
  • Project #2 is projected to be operating by Q3 of 2028.